ISDN Switch Off!

BT have announced that they are ending support for ISDN and

PSTN networks and it is expected the transition will start in 2019

with no new orders being taken and exchanges being retired.

What is ISDN and PSTN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. This is a set of communication standards which enabled the simulataneous digital transmission of voice,

video, data over the infrastructure and circuits of the traditional Public

Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). ISDN displaced the traditionally copper

fixed-line analogue telephone networks.


SIP trunks

A SIP trunk is basically a digital port placed over your existing telephone system to give it a greater degree of flexibility. This ISDN replacement is suitable for businesses which have a phone system  which is less than 5 years old.


Conversion box

This advanced product is a speciality at CBG. Our clever boxes converts your ISDN signals to digital ones. They are suitable for larger businesses which have very old (5+ years) onsite phone systems.

ISDN was an improvement over PSTN when it first arrived, as it allowed simultaneous phone calls over the same line.

However, it is now soon to be displaced with new IP based telephony systems that use an IP or Internet connection to enable communication throughout an organisation, different sites, or even different countries.

There are currently an estimated 3.2 million ISDN channels in the UK. The vast majority of which are owned by BT. These will all have to be replaced or upgraded to IP based telephony systems in the coming years. While a quarter of businesses are unaware of the upcoming switch over, it's estimated that 96% of businesses who have made the change to IP-based telephony systems have benefited from cost savings.

How will the ISDN Switch Off Affect Your Business?

If your current telephony or communications contract is up for renewal in the coming months, it may be time to start exploring modern alternative communication solutions. Now is the opportunity to take advantage of the innovative solutions offered by CBG Utilities.

Replacing an ISDN system free of charge

As better broadband becomes more widely available, at lower prices, the case for migrating to an internet-based alternative to ISDN has become more compelling. Now no longer a ‘new’ technology, Internet Protocol communication services like VoIP and SIP trunking are coming to be seen as safe replacements by the vast majority of the IT community.

CBG Utilities offers a full ISDN replacement service designed to find the right solution for your business. As part of this service we strive to get to know your business, as well as the scale of your communications.


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