Which network should I choose?

With CBG Utilities we offer all 5G networks and we can mix and match your network to suit your business need staff on 02 no problem need engineers on EE we have you covered director can only use Vodafone not an issue we can do all of this and only send you the one bill for all of your mobile services now that is clever.


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Faster business on the move

With 5G, you’ll get office Wi-Fi speeds on the go, so downloading critical documents will take seconds. In fact, 5G is up to 10 times faster than 4G. Plus, its improved outdoor coverage will allow you to monitor assets in remote locations using IoT technology such as smart cameras.

Real-time efficiencies

Imagine an engineer looking at a virtual layout of a system and fixing it

with remote assistance – all in real time. 5G will make this possible by

drastically reducing any delays in connectivity and data sharing.

Augmented Reality (AR) will become more widely used by businesses to

boost productivity.Connectivity, even in crowded places

5G will enable many more devices to connect at once. Attending a big

event or travelling for work? Our 5G will mean that no matter the crowd,

you can get on with whatever you need to. And in the future it will

empower innovations such as smart cities – where all kinds of smart enabled devices provide real-time data that can be analysed to make our lives safer and better.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networking. With office Wi-Fi speeds on the go, real-time responsivity and much greater reliability outdoors, it will transform business in a world without wires.


Real-time response to customers and better collaboration with colleagues – experience virtual interactions that have no delay.

At a big event or travelling for work? No matter how big the crowd, the 5G network will mean you can use your phone without a worry.

Make the most of every business opportunity, in or out of the office, and download important documents in seconds.

Turn innovative ideas into reality – a new generation of communications, remote working in real-time, smart connected cities and more will make innovation possible anytime and anywhere.

With 5G, progress is possible. The future is exciting. Ready?

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