Why invest in a new office phone system?

Real business benefits can be achieved with a CBG business phone system

CBG has extensive experience delivering phone systems to a wide range of businesses including those in Charitable sector , healthcare, recruitment, estate agents, financial services, automobile, construction, legal services, manufacturing and many others.


CBG consultants spend quality time with your business to really understand which system will deliver the greatest results.

Gain Better Control - Call reporting data is easy to view and understand so you can get a better picture of how your business is operating. CBG systems integrate with many different customer databases and CRM tools, so you can monitor your most important relationships.

Find Easier Ways to Work - CBG phone systems are very intuitive, with the simple touch of a button you can dial, pick up calls, receive messages and connect your customers to the right staff instantly. Ah… what a breath of fresh air.

Boost Your Brand - Everything from the design of the hardware, to the call routing functionality and the range of on-hold marketing options ensure your company is being presented in the most professional way.

Book your appointment now for one of our consultants to discuss how you can receive all of these benefits and more free of charge to your organisation.


With a CBG Utilities phone system, you can enjoy

Seamless scale-ability 

Unified communications – using mobile and desktop applications to get all your communications working together

A range of handsets - offering the latest technology

Call recording – allows you to access and manage your files

Call reporting/attendant/call handling – you can check and monitor groups

Click to call – call from numbers on screen such as from a website

Mobility – all wireless users can connect to the main system

On Hold Music and Marketing - a range of packages available to keep your

phone system up to date

Specialised functions to certain specific industries such as:

Hospitality – handling inbound calls

Hotels – manage rooms

Contact centre – advanced reporting package and web chat feature

Book an appointment with one of our consultants to discover how to

receive your Telephone System for free.

CBG Utilities has teamed up with One Access and a global leader in SIP technology, to bring you One700 Multi Service Access Router, an Integrated Voice and Data Manager.

One700 is a one box solution for unified voice and data services, offering customers  the ultimate in voice service agility: supporting, adding value and managing every service combination on the migration from TDM voice, through IP voice, to hosted or cloud based services.


Simply put, this little box of tricks can make legacy systems operate as though you have upgraded and installed the latest hi-tech, cloud based technology. You will  be able to save thousands of pounds.


Contact us today for more information about this new addition to our range of products and services. We’ll send you a full-spec data sheet explaining how it works and how you can make enormous savings while keeping your original equipment investment intact.

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