Dealing with your Gas and Electricity

Gas and Electricity contracts can be a confusing and complicated time, distracting you from running your business, along with the worry of not knowing if you are getting a deal that is right for you.


At CBG Utilities we want to take that hassle away, by leveraging our supplier relationships, we can search for the best deals available to your business, letting you take advantage of our excellent knowledge in the industry.


Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we have the expertise to assist and guide you through the procurement process. Simply give us authorisation to act on your behalf and we will do the rest, once we have a range of contracts options available, we can pick the best deal or work with you to decide which option is best for your business.


The market can be volatile, and if you care not careful or do not have the knowledge needed, you may be hit by sharp price rises OR even be tied into a contract that does not suit your type of business.


We want to take all of that hassle and worry away from you so that you can concentrate on running your business, we will even contact you when your contract is up for renewal, and help you reduce your consumption and carbon footprint.


Key Benefits & FAQs

Dedicated account manager

Competitive rates

First class service

Expertise on hand, should you need it

UK based

Free bill checking service for our customers

Access to a range of fixed or flexible pricing

Renewal service

Reduce your carbon footprint


Bill Validation

Mistakes can happen, but did you know that a high percentage of electricity and gas bills are incorrect? This can potentially cost businesses many thousands of pounds over the duration of a contract and most do not even know that it is happening.


Validating your bills is a key service that we offer so that you can be comfortable and confident you are only paying for what you are using. Suppliers use a vast array of systems and technology to calculate your bill and so it is inevitable that errors are made, but customers should not be the ones to suffer through over or under paying for their consumption. You may think that under paying is an advantage, but these costs can build up and come back to bite you when you least need it.

CBG Utilities multi-point bill checking service gives you the confidence you need and ensures you are free to carry on with running your business. We will analyse every aspect of your bill for any discrepancies and make sure that any issues are resolved, recovering any monies overpaid to any of your suppliers.


Once we have analysed your utility bills we can then look to see if you are on the best deal for your business.


Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Services

Solar PV

LED Lighting

Voltage Optimisation

Energy Audit

Water Audit

Smart Metering


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